Are Dirty Air Ducts Harming Your HVAC System and Costing You Money?

Yes, Dirty Air Ducts Are Harming Your HVAC System and Costing You Money?

Duct Cleaning Equals Energy SavingsYou may have heard about the importance of cleaning the air ducts of your HVAC system in your Raleigh home  in order to preserve the healthiest air possible for your home, as dirty ducts can trigger allergies, asthma attacks and other autoimmune problems. But did you know that duct cleaning can also save you a lot of money?

Why Do We Need Duct Cleaning in Raleigh, NC?

The way it works is simple: When air ducts become clogged with dust, mold, dander and other debris, it slows or even halts air flow. Not only does this circulate particles of dangerous contaminants into the air you breathe, make your home stuffier, and waste your hard earned money by forcing your air conditioner and heater run harder than they are supposed to, but it can also put wear and tear on your system that will shorten its life. Installing a brand new HVAC system can cost a homeowner up to $8,000, but regularly inspecting and removing filth from your system will allow it to keep running at optimal efficiency for years to come.

How Will I Know When to Schedule a Duct Cleaning?

When attempting to determine how often ducts need to be cleaned, you need to figure out how quickly they are getting dirty. A number of different factors effect the build up of dust and debris, such as smoking and keeping pets inside the house, or doing remodeling that involves tearing down or hammering through drywall. A leaky roof or busted pipe can also effect the cleanliness of your air ducts, as moisture promotes the growth of mold. Naturally, the easiest way to know if it is time to clean the ducts is to have a  look or have a Raleigh air duct cleaning company do a camera inspection. If you see a build up of dust, mold growth, or any signs of mice, rats or insect infestation, it is time to schedule a cleaning.

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