Breathe Clean And Save Money Too With Air Duct Cleaning

Do you know if the air in your Raleigh home is clean?

Look at the top of your television, your bookshelves, and your ceiling fan blades. Unless you have dusted recently, there is probably a little fuzz making itself at home. Think about the dust motes you see when you shake out a piece of clothing or dirt you tracked in when you came home. Is it allergy season? Some of that yellow pollen on your car walked in the door with you.

All of this dust can collect in your home, not only on the top of your TV, but also in the air you breathe. Cleaning your air ducts helps you save money and improves your indoor air quality. If you have not had it done recently– or at all– it’s time to consider a thorough air duct cleaning by a certified HVAC, duct cleaning professional.

Breath Clean Air In Raleigh, NC

Did you know you shed almost a million skin cells a day? Your average household produces forty pounds of dust every year. That’s about as much as a three-year-old child weighs. A dirty heating and cooling system is taking that dust in and heaving it right back into your home five to seven times a day. Even air filters cannot keep it all in check, especially the dust that has settled in your vents.

On top of dander and dirt, this dust can harbor contaminants from cleaning products and other chemicals we use in the home as well. Particularly for people with respiratory conditions, allergies and autoimmune disorders, this dust is not only unpleasant but potentially dangerous.

If you have had a mold problem in your home, duct cleaning can be especially important. While you may have treated the mold sites you are aware of, mold may still be lurking in your heating and cooling system. A professional duct cleaner will be able to examine areas of your duct system you cannot see to check for mold.

Conserve Energy In Your Raleigh Home

The average American family spends $2000 or more on heating and cooling every year, and with the rising cost of energy, that number is going up, too. Duct cleaning may help ease that cost. Debris build up can mean a shorter life for your system and more money out of your pocket every year.

The more contaminants are present in your heating and cooling system, the harder your system has to work to circulate air in your home and keep it the temperature you want. Think of it like water pipes with debris on the sides. It will require more time and more pressure to move the water through clogged pipes.

Most of all, clogs, debris and dust you can see are almost certainly pushing dust into your home and overworking your heating and cooling system. There may also be clogs and debris you cannot see deeper in your system. Duct cleaning is a simple investment in the health of your family and in your heating and cooling system. A Raleigh certified HVAC specialist will be able to tell you if a duct cleaning is right for you.

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