Raleigh Duct Cleaning Company Ask Would You Breathe Bad Indoor Air If You Don’t Have Too?

On this page you learn why…

  • Why poor indoor air quality is making you and your family sick.

  • Why poor indoor air quality is costing you money in more ways than one.

Breath Clean, Fresh and Deep

Breathe in, exhale and repeat. Breathing is a simple act.

Breathing is an unconscious activity that all of us do every day. You may take breathing for granted and be surprised that the average adult will breathe more than 21,670 times during a single day. That is a lot of breaths—21,670 each day.  The body thrives on oxygen and requires an abundance of fresh air on a daily basis.

Have you ever taken the time to think of the allergens, dust and debris that are in the 21,670 breaths that you take? Raleigh duct cleaning companies think about this on a daily basis. They see the toxic chemicals, dirty allergens, dust mites and dander that are found in most people’s indoor air handling system. We think about it as well and are committed to ensuring optimal health for you and your family.

Cleaner Says “Poor Indoor Air Quality is Unhealthy for You and Your Family”

Most people know about the problems that are associated with pollution. It is easy to see smog in the world’s leading cities, and some city air is unfit to breathe during the dog days of summer. The bad thing is that indoor air is the source of contaminants and is usually much dirtier than outdoor air.

Today’s medical researchers believe that nearly 50 percent of health issues are related to poor indoor air quality

It’s True

Good Duct Cleaning Companies Knows Where  Indoor Air Contaminants Come From You Should Too.

Most homes rely on poorly maintained air handlers that are vastly inefficient. In addition, the ductwork serves as a magnet for contaminants, dust and dander. Over time, the system builds up with debris and can lead to potentially devastating health hazards

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), dirty air is commonly associated with the following nasty hazards.

  1. Dust
  2. Mold
  3. Mildew
  4. Rodent Droppings
  5. Allergens such as pollen and pet dander

Breathing in 21,670 times each day poses a real danger to the health of you and your family. This is especially true for people who are prone to respiratory problems. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma are some of the health issues that are exacerbated by poor indoor air quality. Consider the amount of time that you and your family spend indoors, and the quality of the air you breathe becomes even more important expert-writers.net/


Clean air handlers are essential to the efficiency of homes Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. Today’s units are designed to be more efficient than ever, but they often need to work against ducts that are clogged with debris and particulates. Cleaning the duct work improves indoor air quality and can actually save you money. In addition, a regular duct cleaning maximizes the longevity of your central air conditioning and heating system.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Removing less than one ½-inch of dust from a system’s cooling coils will reduce electric consumption by up to 20 percent.
  • Complete cleaning of a system can improve overall efficiency by more than 50 percent.
  • Nearly 90 percent of HVAC systems fail early because of poor maintenance. Some systems are never cleaned or maintained at all.


Musty odors are a sure sign that the air handlers in your HVAC system are not working properly and need to be cleaned. Many people rely on air cleaners and deodorizers; these are Band-Aid remedies that mask the true problem. To adequately address the problem, contact the pros that are on this site. We are concerned about your health, and we earn our living by improving indoor air quality. Our team is also concerned about the planet, and our services improve the carbon footprint of our clients. Clean ducts improve the efficiency of an HVAC system, and our services are a great way to save money We have years of experience in the industry and can help remove crust, dander, debris and contaminants from your system. We can also install and recommend the right filters for an individual home or apartment’s needs. Our air duct cleaning Raleigh team assures you that your indoor air will be healthier, and your HVAC system will operate more efficiently.


We offer access to reliable, convenient and affordable air duct cleaning services. Our staff is committed to delivering the best service at the most affordable price. When we are finished, we are proud to have another satisfied customer on our team.

Don’t take our word, listen to a few of our customer testimonials.

“They made my home a safe place to live and the air smells clean and fresh.  I will give them a top rating for all efforts taken to provide meticulous service.”

Jane Z


“Problem corrected and done fast too. Yes, highly recommended…”

Greg B


“They professional tradesmen. The job one done as promised. The cleaning of my vent ducts was reasonably priced compared to other duct cleaner companies. I do recommend them to others.”

Carmen L


“Good, fast, and nice…”

Mike E




This is the season when homeowners are maximizing their HVAC use. To ensure the best price and urgent response, our team is waiting to hear from you. Because increased demand can lead to indoor air quality deterioration, it is imperative to act fast. Our team is waiting to ensure you and your families are safe. We offer a free evaluation and can inspect your HVAC and dryer vents. We also promise an accurate picture of the cleaning and maintenance demands of your system. If you are not happy with our service, all of your money will be returned. Check us out at the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

Please give my HVAC duct cleaning Raleigh, NC company a call today. Your home will be safer and power bill will be more affordable.


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