Question: Why Have My AC Duct Cleaned

Are You Ready For Air Duct Cleaning, Raleigh, NC?

More and more homeowners in Raleigh, NC are thinking about having their home’s air duct system professionally cleaned. As cases of asthma, respiratory illnesses and allergies rise, people are becoming aware of the importance of having good Indoor Air Quality and how clean ducts can improve IAQ. There are a lot of reasons for having air ducts professionally cleaned in Raleigh and everywhere else.

Improved Health

For a variety of reasons, respiratory illnesses are on the rise. Pollution, increased pollen levels in many areas and even the effects of living and working indoors with air circulating through a dirty HVAC duct system all contributed to respiratory problems. A clean system can literally make breathing easier.

The HVAC system in a typical house has many feet of ducts that extend to registers in each room. This dark, enclosed environment inside the duct work is a perfect breeding place for mold and bacteria as well as being an area where dust and debris can build up. These unwanted materials in a duct system are then spread around the house by the blower fan reducing the quality of air for the residents.

When you have your duct system cleaned, experienced professionals will attach a special kind of strong vacuum to the ducts. They have special tools that can reach inside the duct work and dislodge contaminants which are then safely sucked into the vacuum and prevented from entering the house. Elimination of these pollutants results in clean, fresh air and fewer health problems for people breathing that air.

A typical house can accumulate as much as 40 pounds of dust each year. Much of this dust gets sucked into the heating and cooling system and distributed around the house along with mold spoors, pet dander and dust mites. As time goes on, more and more of these toxins build up effecting the health of the residents.

Duct cleaning can make a big impact on removing this unhealthy debris. Most people who have their duct systems cleaned report that they can notice a difference in the quality of the indoor air after the job is complete.

Saving Energy and Money

When the HVAC ducts and machinery are properly cleaned, energy savings for heating and cooling also improve. The EPA estimates that .42 inches of dust on heating and cooling coils can add up to as much as a 21 percent reduction in operating efficiency. Besides cleaning the inside of the ducts, a duct cleaning service will also remove dust and debris from the coils on the unit and clean the fan housing. This kind of maintenance will make the system run more efficiently, saving money.

When the coils, motor and blower housing are all cleaned, the system will operate with less strain. Less strain means that components will last longer before they wear out. So, having your HVAC system cleaned can mean that the whole system will have a longer service life. This is obviously another long term money saver.

What is Involved in Duct and HVAC System Cleaning?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) along with the EPA, have developed uniform standards for air duct cleaning. A complete job will include all of the following:

  • Inspection of the entire HVAC system for proper functioning;
  • Vacuuming of the duct system with HEPA filtered vacuum machine;
  • Cleaning of the condensation pan;
  • Cleaning of heating and cooling coils;
  • Cleaning of grill registers in each room;
  • Cleaning of return air duct and grill;
  • Cleaning of motor and fan housing;
  • Inspection of duct work for damage, sagging and breaks;
  • Replacement of filters.

While duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance involves a lot of separate tasks, most services can get the job done in about three to five hours. You do not have to leave your home while the work is being done and there are no special preparations you need to make other than giving the service technicians access to each room and the utility area where the main heating/cooling unit is located.

The cost of duct cleaning in Raleigh will depend entirely on how big your house and system are. Small houses can have the ducts cleaned for as little as about 100 dollars. A large house with many rooms and long stretches of duct work might cost around 1,000 dollars. A professional service will give you a written estimate in advance, so that you will know the cost before they get started.

How often you need to have ducts cleaned can vary as well. Most homes benefit from cleaning every three to five years. If you have lots of pets, have a lot of air pollution in your area, or have people in your home who have health problems, having the ducts cleaned more often can be advisable.

Why Choose a NADCA Certified Company?

If you are going to have your duct system professionally cleaned, using a NADCA certified company gives you the assurance that the job will be done to the highest industry standards. Besides certification, the NADCA provides training and education to member companies and their technicians giving them the most up to date information about duct cleaning technology. The NADCA has been in existence since 1989, and works closely with the EPA and other regulatory agencies in developing and upgrading duct cleaning standards.

Besides being assured of having high quality work done, using a NADCA certified company also means that if you are not satisfied with the job, you have recourse for having the problem resolved. NADCA certified companies will also follow the highest safety standards if your system needs any kind of chemical treatment for controlling mold.

Are You Ready to Get Your Ducts Cleaned?

If your home has never had the air ducts and HVAC system professionally cleaned, it is probably long overdue. You and your family may be surprised at how much better you feel after having this maintenance done, even if you do not have any respiratory problems. Air duct cleaning in Raleigh is fast and not very expensive and both your house and your family’s health will benefit.

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