Save Energy, Money and Your Health by Cleaning Your Heating and Air Conditioning System and Ducts

All Raleigh homeowners and businesses are interested in saving money. Many people want to save energy to help the environment. And most individuals prefer good health over bad health. So how can you accomplish all three with one action? An examination of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, or NADCA, Energy Research Project provides guidance in this area. It shows how cleaning your heating and air conditioning system, including the duct system, can in one action save you money, make you healthier, and save energy which reduce demands on the environment.

A typical Raleigh homeowner spends thirty percent of his energy costs on the heating and air conditioning system according to the NADCA report. Any action to make that system more efficient will save money. Because it is using some much energy, a small step will lead to both energy and dollar savings. In addition, the air you breathe indoors is produced by the system. An inefficient system can produce contaminated air which causes health problems. So there is a great incentive to keep the system working at peak efficiency.

Proper operation of a heating and air conditioning system is all about air flow. Any action that increases air flow makes the system more efficient. Putting it another way, any obstacle to air flow harms the system and makes it work harder. Most people think that maintenance involves only servicing and cleaning their system. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. More work than is normally covered in a routine service call is needed. Systems continue to work with poor air flow. To address that problem requires an additional service provided by a professional Raleigh air duct cleaning service.

Cleaning the air ducts means more than just the ducts. It involves coils, vents, and registers. In general, anything part that blocks proper air flow needs to be cleaned. Substances like dirt, dust and animal hair build up over time. The system works hard to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is only natural, and a totally predictable result that the ducts will become clogged. Clogged ducts cause the system to work harder, costing money and energy. In addition, dust and dirt can be blown through the system and enter the home, thus resulting in poor air quality.

So what can you expect after hiring the professional air duct cleaning service? The study indicates that energy savings can be up to 11 percent. That means your total energy bill can be reduced by a significant amount. It is hard to measure the health savings, but even avoiding one trip to a physician due to breathing problems amounts to a measurable savings.

If you have not cleaned the ducts lately, you can assume they are dirty. The sooner you make the call to a professional air duct cleaning company, the sooner your monthly energy bill will decrease. You will have extra money in your pocket along with a better feeling due to the cleaner air you are now breathing. Plus you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped out the environment. Pretty good results for one phone call. Do not let another day go by without taking care of your heating and air conditioning system. After all, it takes of you all year. Make sure it continues to do so.

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