What is Air Duct Cleaning?

What is air duct cleaning and do in your Raleigh HomePollution isn’t limited to the outdoor environment. The issue is creeping into homes as well, and air duct cleaning is a way to rid living spaces of this problem. Air ducts and other components of air systems collect dust particles and other fragments of debris over time. This is why when it comes to forced air systems cleaning is a major part of maintenance and the best solution for indoor pollution.

Many things can go wrong in cooling and heating systems if the installation process wasn’t done correctly. Contamination can occur as a result of moisture seeping into the system despite the presence of cooling ducts. The growth of mold and other micro-organisms will start in the system and make its way out into the home through ventilation.

There are different methods of air duct cleaning. The traditional method involves tools specially designed to remove debris. A durable vacuum cleaner would be used afterward to vacuum out the rest of the dirt. Chemical biocides and other treatments are often applied to the system’s interior to kill contaminants. The process which involves chemical treatments as sealants are different from the biocide applications and those treatments are identified as encapsulation. These encapsulants are usually applied after all particles of dust and rubbish is removed.

The components that are targeted for cleaning are parts like heat exchangers, coils for cooling and heating, fan motors, diffusers and other compartments. Air duct cleaning usually involves every single component in the system because if one part is left contaminated or filthy the contamination will happen all over again and the inhabitants of the home will be in danger of allergic reactions and other effects on their health. Air duct cleaning is a simple procedure done best by a professional. It combats the issue of pollution which has already crossed over to indoor environments.

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